Surf Happy


– 100% Cotton
– Regular fit
– Embroidered label on left sleeve
– Screen printed in Spain
We choose the best cotton t-shirts for long lasting comfort and quality.
The artwork of our t-shirts are inspired by the local surf culture.


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Surf Happy

T-shirt Surf Happy designed by our artist Mario Pinheiro.

When Mario came up with the drawing of a surfer paddling out we just smiled. The design needed a title and we wanted to add a message. The theme Happy has been a fashionable topic in many areas and forms from therapy to fashion to songs. We asked ourselves “What makes us happy”? The answer was “Surf”. As a result we labelled the t-shirt Surf Happy. The grin on the surfers face wearing the Ipar Hego boardshort happily paddling out defines it all. Because this is the main purpose why we go out there!

All our t-shirts are hand printed at a local printing workshop just 15mins down the road from our office. Our t-shirts are made of 100% Cotton. The best quality of fabric for comfort. The best allergy free fabric for sensitive skin and long lasting wear. We have chosen a regular fit with a crew neck for all our t-shirts.

Our t-shirt SURF HAPPY is available in adult and junior sizes.

Be Happy, Surf Happy, Wear Happy.


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