Our story

Ipar Hego, translated in basque stands for North – South, is a cross-border brand representing the unity between surfing and the Basque country.

The Basque country although divided in 2 territories: the North (Iparralde) and the South (Hegoalde) represents a unique identity. This fusion has inspired the creation of Ipar Hego by 2 individuals originally from the North and based in the South. It all started in 2007.

Surfing is part of our local culture.

Our products

Our aim is to manufacture long lasting quality products. In 2013 we succeeded to bring all our manufacturing to the Basque Country. A tremendous advantage for both parties by supporting the local businesses and monitoring closely the quality control of the finished products.

Our key product being the side closure boardshort requires a dedicated team to ensure the engineered pattern is properly put together. The boardshort consists of 21 pieces of fabric compared to 11 pieces or less to make a traditional boardshort. This is what makes our boardshort unique for it’s design and fit. The side closer design allows a comfortable flat waistband feeling when lying on a surfboard or simply lying on the beach. The boardshort has a smart casual look that fits the body elegantly while on the beach or strolling along the coast with a fitted tshirt and some snazzy espadrilles.

We offer a 5 year warranty on wear and tear of our boardshorts. We feel confident to offer this to our customers since our boardshorts have been worn and tested by coastal lifeguards on our local beaches for the past 7 years. We are their official supplier. Our boardshorts have been rated to be the most resistant to daily wear, sun bleaching and saltwater.

We wish Ipar Hego to be worn with pride by the locals as well as taken home by our worldwide visitors as a souvenir.