South west Nicaragua is a prime surf destination, the unique phenomenon of a constant off shore wind blowing all day combined with high period swell delivers perfect waves all year around.

Nicaragua is an adventure destination, many roads are unpaved and local communities are still untouched by tourism following their normal daily routine allowing the experience of local color and culture.


Surf & travel is how we have explored many coasts on the earth. Our 1st trip to Nicaragua was in year 2006, the experience attracted us to go back in 2008 to explore the coast in search of this unique spot. In 2010 we became owners of a 7 acre piece of land overlooking the bay of El Astillero. Its geographical coordinates are 11º 30’ 0” North, 86º 10’ 0” West.

El Astillero is a lively fishing village based in a secluded bay with a long stretch of beach and waves for all levels of surfers reachable by foot and by boat making it a unique destination.

Our land is located on the edge of the village, with an amazing view of the Pacific Ocean coast. The project consists of a small tourist complex designed with 4 individual bungalows, 4 bedroom guesthouse, restaurant with swimming pool and a family house. The location being a slope all accomadations including the restaurant will be overlooking the bay.

As a travelling surfing family we have identified an unexploited niche market here. Through wide first-hand experience of global surf travel we know that very few places in the world offer such a perfect setting.

In addition to its natural resources, Nicaragua – often known as “the new Costa Rica” is one of the safest countries in Latin America.

The Photo gallery shows a presentation of the resort designed by a local architect with who we have collaborated in order to take into account the situation and orography of the land, focusing on a construction adapted to the climate with the use of materials mostly natural and native to Nicaragua.

Our aim is to offer a taste of the chilled-back Nicaragua lifestyle in an exclusive designed boutique resort and where there will be available a variety of activities to cater for the whole family, whatever age, gender or interest.


For the past year we have put together a business plan in order to study its potentiel and the resources available to build the resort. The business plan is drawn up in the context of the importance to the local and national economy of developing a critical mass of quality, relatively reasonably prices and environmentally sustainable tourist accomodation.
We are currently setting up the 1st phase of the Ipar Hego Surf Resort being the construction of the a bodega that will be used as a temporary home and tool shed to monitor the construction of the resort.
Should you wish to read our business plan or become a financial partner feel free to ask a copy by sending us your details via the form below.
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